Lindsey Attebery Carney

Lindsey has been riding horses since before she could walk. Throughout her childhood she spent many afternoons riding horses with her Dad, as it was their way of spending some good ol’ quality time together. As a teenager she found herself more and more in the saddle.  At age 17 she headed off to college to play basketball, where a few months later she had surgery on both legs at the same time, and would fight for a year to get back on the court but her legs just couldn’t do it. Depressed and moving back home, Lindsey found the only thing that cheered her up was riding. She started spending most of her free time on horseback and enthralled in educating herself in any way she could about the equines she so loved. A family friend asked her to teach his daughter how to ride and so began the lesson program. That summer she went to Georgia for 6 weeks where she took classes and interned at Wildewood Farm, she also got married to her best friend, Jason, and watched the Lord begin to grow something she loved dearly into a thriving business.

Fourteen years later, she is still dearly in love with her equines and feels so blessed to be able to share her love with others on a daily basis. She is also still in love with her best friend, Jason, and they now have four children, Hudson age 9, Hollynn age 5, Heath age 5, and Harrison who was born late December 2015.

Roots run deep at Treasure 2 Farm as family makes up these rolling hills. It doesn’t take long for folks to get to know Lindsey’s Dad, Wesley, but everyone knows him as Hoss (what his grandkids call him). People quickly meet Lindsey’s Meemaw who enjoys getting to know everyone, as well as Lindsey’s brother in law and sister:  Will and Casey. Without our close knit family the farm wouldn’t be what it is, we are richly blessed!