Zoe was trained by Mrs. Lindsey who loved her so much she bought her as her own personal show horse. After very successfully showing Zoe for a year, Zoe joined the lease program when she has won many blue ribbons in just about every arena she has stepped in. She has her ROM in open ranch riding, youth ranch riding, and youth trail. She gets to wear the hat of Mrs. Lindsey’s second favorite horse ever!  


Drew is our little cutie! He is Mr. Personality and lots of fun! He is the first one to come to the gate and loves spending time with people. Drew is used in intermediate and advanced lessons / showing in everything from dressage and jumping to cattle work. His quick advanced maneuvers make him a favorite to those who have a little experience under their belts.  


Joe has been on the farm for 20 years now. Lindsey’s Dad bought him as a yearling for her sister, Casey. He has worked in the lesson program since it started. He is very easy going, I don’t think we’ve ever seen him get in a hurry! Everyone loves Joe, including Mrs. Lindsey, he is one of her favorite lesson horses! 


May has been in the lesson program for 13 years now. She is steady and quiet for beginners but also loves to do cow working. She enjoys the show ring and has a lovely jog. We love to laugh at May in the summer months when she gets in the pond and goes almost all the way under, you can only see her eyes and nose, like a crocodile! 


Rocky is 15 years old and 14 hands, but don't tell him. He thinks he's a 2 year old Clydesdale! Rocky is ridden mostly by Lindsey's daughter, Hollynn, who shows him in local saddle clubs and dressage shows. He even won his first money team sorting this past summer! He's used in the program (when we can peel Hollynn off of him) in all sorts of lessons thanks to his versatility!